Sunday, November 6, 2011

Organizational Bliss

Since I have not had time to do my profile for this lovely little blog, you know very little about me.  So...I am going to share just a little sneak peak with you today.  I am a very busy mom with three children, 2 teenagers and 1 preteen.  I also work full time as a teacher, am the wife of a teacher/basketball coach.  Our children are very involved in school activities as well as travel baseball.  We have been out of town every weekend for the past 8 weeks playing baseball.  Many of these tournaments, or should I say most of them are out of state and require us to spend the night in a motel.  Needless to say my home has suffered tremendously while we have been away.  Yesterday I spend the afternoon organizing my cabinets after my big coupon shop.  I needed to know what I had or having this big stockpile of groceries would do me no good.  I could easily over look ingredients and buy more needlessly.  I took a picture of the results, what do you think?

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