Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Gift Idea

I found this idea on Pinterest.  I loved this.  I have had a couple pottery soap dispensers, but they seem to leak soap either from the bottom where they were not glazed or the cork where the pump is attatched.  I used items that I found in my kitchen.  I had a canning jar, an old ring and seal that happened to have fruits and veggies on it, and I recycled the pump from a Bath and Body works soap pump I was given as a gift.  I heated up the old glue gun, poked a hole in the seal with a hammer and a nail.  I had to shorten the pump because it was too long.  I simply snipped the bottom of the tube with a pair of scissors.  I insterted the pump in the hole I cut in the jar seal.  I secured it with hot glue. 
I filled the jar with my favorite liquid soap, placed the seal on the jar and secured the ring over the seal and Voila!  A beautiful liquid soap dispenser.

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