Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kitchen Color Change


I have always loved the color red, so much so that not long after moving into our home I painted the kitchen red.  You can see what it looked like in the picture above taken this summer at my sons birthday party.  Sorry guys, you where in the best picture I had of my kitchen before I changed the colors.  It looks fairly bright in this picture because it was a nice sunny day, but on days that the sun didn't shine, it was very dark and cavernous.  I also love the blue color that is not quite powder blue, not quite turqoise, not quite robin's egg blue, I guess it most closely resembles Tiffany box blue.  It is accented nicely by my ever favorite color red.  I made the curtains you see in the background of the above picture and was inspired to change the wall color of my kitchen.

I love how it turned out.  I ended up adding ric rac to the curtains (you can see it on the one on the left).  I had to purchase another roll to finish the other curtain.  Ric rac and polka dots are alot another passion I have, you can see the hand towel I made on the oven door from polka dot material.  I will show you how I made the hand towel soon.  I have one thing I want to change and that is the space between the cabinet top and the upper cabinets.  It shows every little splatter and doesn't clean up well.  I would like to put metal, tile, or something back there that will clean up nicely.  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful, blessed day.



  1. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

    1. Sorry Heather, I have taken some time off. If you remember your question from January let me know and I will email you.