Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well, now that everything has been taken down, the cookies have been made and eaten, Christmas play preformed, and Santa is resting at the North Pole, I will share with you some of our families holiday.
Pictures used for the Christmas cards.
Baby Girl in the church Christmas play "Hotel Bethleham"
Baby Girl trims the tree.

Chirstmas morning checking out the stockings.  Guess who the first youngan up was?  The 16 year old.  Still excited about the traditions of Christmas and spending time with his family.  It warms my heart.

Baby Girl tries to put Santa into a diabetic coma.  This was the plate of goodies she left for him, sugar cookies, peanutbutter balls, and red velvet cake balls.  I hope he put some of them in his pocket to take back to the elves.

Waiting for the traditonal Christmas breakfast at Mamaw and Papaw's of tenderloin, biscuits, and gravy.
Merry Christmas!!!

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