Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Puppy

We have been enjoying summer here at Suppers, Youngans & Thangs.  We have had two birthdays and a new addition to our family.  Dodger, a rescue dog from our local animal shelter.  We have had dogs in the past, all of which have passed.  I was not on board with the idea, but my oldest wanted one so badly.  He wanted to use his birthday money to pay the adoption fee.  He and my daughter worked on me and their dad for days.  So...we went to the shelter to visit the dog they had picked out on the internet at "the puppy."  He had been abandoned at a trash dump.  He was so bashful, his tail didn't wag, and he seemed scared to death of people.  I just wasn't sure this was the right dog.  But those kids of mine, they just insisted this was "the dog."  So we took him home.  Well, he has so come out of his shell.  His tail wags, he barks, he rolls over on his back for us to rub his belly.  He is very used to us, but when someone new comes to our house he still acts very squimish.  But the kids were right, he was the "right dog."  We love him dearly.  He has added a new dimension to our family.

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