Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ruffled Scarf

Here is a project that takes very little time.  I spent maybe an hour and a half total on this project.  I saw a scarf like this on the Martha Stewart Show.  I thought it was adorable.  So I went to the Lion Brand Yarn website.  This site offers hundreds of patterns for both crochet and knitting.  You have to register to get to the patterns, but they are free and they send you new patterns via email.  I also received a beautiful catalog that had beautiful color pictures of finished projects with the pattern number and types and amounts of yarn used to complete the project.  The projects also give you the level of difficulty for the project.  You can also get instructions on how to do certain stitches and what the abbreviations mean.  I found it to be a very helpful site.  Thanks Baby Girl for modeling!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun with Film

I discovered Picasa 3 last night when I was working on getting some tips and tricks to use on my blog.  I love this.  I am quite the novice, but I love some of the effects you can get on your photographs.  This is my Pumpkin Gingerspap Cheesecake I featured in my Thanksgiving reflections post.  I love it!! It is really user friendly.  I hope you will try it for yourself.  I warn you, it is addictive!

"Otis the Owl"

Meet Otis the Owl.  I made this in about one hour right before Christmas for Baby Girl.  Baby girl wanted a new comforter for her bed for Christmas.  She had several different ones picked out.  She liked the ones with peace signs, she liked the tie dyed ones, she liked the zebra print ones, and she liked the owl ones.  Well, little did she know that way back in the summer Mamaw had gotten her one and put it back for Christmas.  It was a peace sign one.  On Christmas morning we open gifts at our house before we go to Mamaw's.  So....she opened a tie dyed fleece blanket and then she got the zebra print "Otis the Owl".  She was so disapointed.  When she arrived at Mamaw's there was only one small present under the tree for her, not nearly big enough to have a comforter in it.  Little did she know that Mamaw had tucked it away in the back room to surprise her, and boy was she surprised.
To make Otis I used a pattern I found here.  I used a chenille bedspread that was no longer servicable to make the back.  I basically used the pattern and put the pillow together the way I wanted.  Thereare some things I will tweak when I make Otis again.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well, now that everything has been taken down, the cookies have been made and eaten, Christmas play preformed, and Santa is resting at the North Pole, I will share with you some of our families holiday.
Pictures used for the Christmas cards.
Baby Girl in the church Christmas play "Hotel Bethleham"
Baby Girl trims the tree.

Chirstmas morning checking out the stockings.  Guess who the first youngan up was?  The 16 year old.  Still excited about the traditions of Christmas and spending time with his family.  It warms my heart.

Baby Girl tries to put Santa into a diabetic coma.  This was the plate of goodies she left for him, sugar cookies, peanutbutter balls, and red velvet cake balls.  I hope he put some of them in his pocket to take back to the elves.

Waiting for the traditonal Christmas breakfast at Mamaw and Papaw's of tenderloin, biscuits, and gravy.
Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crap Shooter (haha!!!)

Ok, this is the funniest, but most needed product I have seen in a long time!!  I would love to try it out at my house.  With a house full of men, you know it is needed here.  Hahahahah.  I can't stop laughing.  The name is so cute. Here is the link if you would like to buy some.  Let me know if you do.  I would love to see if it really works.